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Wall maps are often used in schools and institutions such as meteorological centres. Well, for these institutions it is absolutely mandatory for them to own maps of different places. However, maps are not limited to such institutions only; anyone can own a map and use it effectively.

Have you ever wanted to know which country a particular city is in or which national park is in which region, and you could not because you did not have a map? Maps can be put up in business spaces, homes and other non-geographical institutions. Their benefits are endless.

Educating children

Children tend to remember graphics more than written text. As such, wall maps should be used in schools and homes. At school, they can be used by teachers to make it easier for students to learn geography and history. At home, children can use these maps to enhance their learning. They will have better access to their home maps and they can use them without time limitation. They do not necessarily have to be used by grown school-going children; even little kids can use them. The maps will spark curiosity and by the time they are going to school, they will at least have some information about their world. They will be able to have a better understanding of their theoretical studies.


Referencing is an activity done by almost everyone despite their field of study of work. Everything in life makes use of geographical knowledge. This includes sports, entertainment, business and politics. One might want to know where a prolific athlete comes from or where some certain type of music comes from. People often use maps when travelling but wall maps can be used to know where you are travelling to. They can be used to plan trips and vacations by identifying different spots in a country, region or in the world.

Business planning

Businesses are some of the sectors that can really benefit from maps. A business can put up a wall map that shows their target market and clientele base. With such a map, the business can plan how to maintain their current clientele base and how to attract their target market to its business. They can use the map to identify geographical matters that face their potential and current customers in order to know how to deal with them. The map can help them determine the similarities or differences among regions hence placing them at a better position of strategic planning and execution of plans.

If more people make use of these maps, they will have a better understanding of the world they live in and they can appreciate the diversity of regions.

There are various wall maps we offer, but some of the most useful are the laminated maps, as these allow for you to write on them without ruining them in the process and giving you the ability to just remove your writing to return it to its previous state.


Postcode sector maps were originally developed by The Royal Mail in order to streamline and enhance postal delivery. Since then they have evolved so as to form a very crucial part in business planning and in education for reference. It has been established as the reference point in the entire United Kingdom. Although it may appear simple, postcode is the most accurate way for identifying a certain location. There are many benefits a user will enjoy for using a postcode sector map. It is also becoming a popular way for locating someone. It displays the data in a visual way which is easier to read and understand. The following are some of the benefits of using these postcodes.

To present data
The postcode sector maps have become so popular in representing the data sets. A map of a certain sector may use various colours to highlight the communities that have scored higher according to a particular data set. A good example to illustrate this is the “heat” map where some postcode sectors are normally darkened to symbolise the sectors where the standard price of the rental property is a bit expensive. It is a visual tool that allows individuals to see which sectors in a certain city or town has the most expensive rent. This allows the user to make a decision about the best place to rent a property. The heat maps are mostly used in magazines and newspapers to convey data.

Used in advertising
The postcode maps are also very essential when it comes to advertising and marketing industries. This is because they allow the company representatives to show their services based on various demographics and regions. A good example is that if sales of certain a product is more famous in the South East of the country, and then the company can introduce a new campaign that includes leaflets and flyers which shall be sent only to that part of the country. The map will help them know which parts make up that region. This will help them advertise accordingly.

For more on postcode sector maps, and an opportunity to purchase them, simply click on the link.

A wall map is an exciting, detailed map hanging on a wall in a classroom, library or office. Wall maps not only catch your instant attention, but also offer numerous benefits. In this post, we’ve discussed the key benefits of these maps in your home, class or office room. These maps help you understand a lot of new things about the world.

Educating Children
This is one of the key benefits of wall maps. Children always have imaginative and creative minds. They have a keen interest in exploring new things. With a wall map, children get a good opportunity to explore the world easily and instantly. They don’t need to be present in a place physically to understand its geography.

Almost every child is intrigued by these maps. They not only teach children about different countries in the world, but also provide information about longitudes, latitudes, map scales and so on. Since we live in an age where most children are interested in gathering information about other parts of the world, a wall map can be a handy teaching tool.

With the help of a wall map, adults can easily teach children about many new things. Wall maps can reveal new cities, regions and countries to open children to an amazing world of wonders. This gives them a new perspective towards life.

Quick Reference
A wall map in a classroom, house or office can be used for quick reference. In case you’re listening to the News and learn something new about a country, it won’t take you much time to locate it in a wall map. You will be able to enhance your knowledge without much effort. Moreover, if you’re planning a vacation, a proper understanding of distance between countries and location can be acquired from a wall map. Once you start using a wall map for reference, your life would become much easier.

Other Multiple Uses
Unfortunately, most of the people don’t understand other uses of wall maps. A wall map can be the handiest tool if you’ve just moved to a new area. You will be able to utilize the map to find out new routes from your home to office and vice versa. You will also be able to find shopping centres and other areas of interest. Learning a new language can also be easier when you’re able to find language classes via a wall map.

In case you join a language class, a wall map will make a big difference to help you learn quickly. You will be able to gain much better insight about everything that is being taught. Wall maps can improve your overall learning environment. They not only enhance the learning process, but also make it simpler for you’re to comprehend new information. In addition to this, they keep your creative abilities stimulated. Last but not the least, they are also visually appealing.

In case you don’t have wall maps at your office, classroom or residence, you need to understand their key benefits. This will make you realize why a wall map is extremely important and useful for every person, and how it will help you make informed decisions in certain situations.

There are numerous benefits to using a postcode sector map, and these tools are becoming an increasingly popular way to find an individual’s home address, or to display data in a visual way that is easy to read and understand. Here are just some of the benefits of using a postcode sector map.

1. Easier to locate individuals

As postcodes in the United Kingdom start with abbreviations which signify the particular sector, they can often be confusing to those who do not live in the sector. Someone who wants to know where a particular postcode belongs to can use a postcode sector map and find out where in the country the address is located. These maps are sometimes used by law enforcement agencies or the Post Office in order to find addresses quickly and easily. Postcode sector maps are often color-coded, whereby each colour is used to signify a particular sector of a town or city. For example, a postcode sector map of London will be color-coded based on the sector of the city. Al postcodes that start with N, which stands for North, and contains the addresses located in the North of the city, such as Barnet, Islington, or Camden, will be highlighted in a particular colour. Other sectors of the city, such as those postcode sectors which start with NW, short for North West, or SE, short for South East, will be highlighted in different colours. A postcode sector map can also be used to include addresses from the whole of the United Kingdom. Different colours will be used depending on the sector of the country, for example the colour red may be used to highlight postcodes in the North West of the country.

2. to present data

Postcode sector maps are also becoming increasingly popular when presenting data sets. A map of a certain sector can use different colours to highlight those communities which have scored higher on the data set. An example of this is a “heat” map where certain postcode sectors are darkened to highlight those sectors where the average price of rental property is more expensive. This visual tool allows individuals to see which sectors in a particular town or city are the most expensive to rent, allowing the user to make an informed decision about the best place to rent property. These heat maps are frequently used in newspapers and magazines to convey data, such as sectors within a city which have the highest crime rates, or most green sectors.

3. Used in advertising

Postcode sector maps are an essential tool in the marketing and advertising industries as they allow company representatives to tailor their services based on different regions and demographics. For example, if sales of a particular product are more popular in the South East of the country, a company can then introduce a new mail campaign which includes flyers and leaflets which are only sent to addresses in this part of the country. Using a postcode sector map, they will know which addresses make up part of this region, and can then tailor their advertising accordingly.

ImageSouth Northants Walking Guide Wins European Award

The International Map Industry Association (Europe, Middle East and Africa branch) had their annual conference in Leuven, Belgium at the weekend and Brackley based Global Mapping collected the Silver Award in the Travel Guide Section for their walking guide entitled ‘Walk, Eat and Drink in Southwest Northamptonshire’.  This success follows close on the heels of ‘Walk & Cycle Brackley’ which won the same award last year.  Produced in conjunction with South Northamptonshire District Council,  the guide features a series of walks in the district, linked to pubs and tea rooms as well as some selected cycle routes.
The maps are presented in a unique way with the routes plotted over a hand painted background which allows for a more up to date base map as Ordnance Survey Maps rarely keep on top of hedges being grubbed up or new plantings.  Throughout the guides are images of wildlife (again hand painted) likely to be spotted on the walks with points awarded according to level of difficulty.  Alan Smith, Managing Director of Global Mapping explains “We wanted to encourage families to get walking and also look a little harder at what’s around them.  Children can download certificates from the website and obviously Adults can take part as well!”
There were also Silver awards for 2 other products, the Liverpool Postcode Sector Map in the Wall Map Section and in the Best Digital Product The Postcode Atlas App.  Alan commented “This proves we offer probably the widest range of quality postcode products.  The three awards are spread across the spectrum with the walking guide featuring traditional skills in the painting and design and the Postcode Atlas App embracing the very latest technology”

South Northants Walking Guide Wins European Award The

ImageThe BBC are running the popular programme ‘Stargazing Live’ on January 16th – 17th 2012. Last year we sold out of all our planispheres as stargazing became a favourite pastime. See MapStop’s home page.

We have created a new and original planisphere – designed by American Astronomer Mark Peterson. Our planisphere is double sided so can be used by the most novice of astronomers pointing out only the brightest constellations..when you have mastered this, simply flip the planisphere over and find other stars. Not only that Global Mapping’s Planisphere has another innovation – instead of using a rivet to hold the apparatus together–covering up Polaris, the North Star–the map’s outer frame holds the star wheel in place, permitting an uninterrupted view of the entire night sky.

Our Planisphere was featured in Astronomy Now due to these unique features.

Get one before they sell out again!

The latest educational wall map ‘Environmental World’ from Global Mapping highlighting the threats human activity has on our planet has picked up two prestigious awards from The British Cartographic Society (BCS). It won the Stanford’s Award for Best Paper Map with the judges comments: “Good symbology, size, does the job of clearly conveying the environmental issues facing our planet, a top quality piece of cartography.”

It then went on to beat the winners in the other catagories to pick up the coveted BCS Cup for the best overall winner in the process beating the likes of National Geographic and Ordnance Survey with the judges adding: “The Environmental World by Global Mapping stood out as being a piece of cartography that worked well on all levels, good mapping, symbology, clarity, use of colour and the bonus of being educational. Well received and full marks.”

A clearly delighted Mary Spence, Global Mapping’s designer commented: ‘It is a great honour to win these awards in the face of such giants in the world of maps. I can now allow myself the whole weekend to celebrate before it’s back to the drawing board first thing Monday morning